Mission Work in the Central Jungle of Peru

Roric Steve Porras Yalico is a missionary in the Peruvian jungle, based in a town named Pichanaki. 

Grace Bible Church – Pichanaki, Peru

In October of 2012 Roric planted Grace Bible Church in Pichanaki with two Peruvian brothers, Isaac Hurtado and Fredy Marquez. Together they have always been leading, teaching, preaching and visiting the church, but from 2015-2020 the church officially recognized Roric as pastor, which he took on a great responsibility.


In 2022 the church was constituted officially with the government. There are new families that have been added, and they are in the process of establishing church membership. Although Roric is preaching and teaching each Sunday, he now is not a pastor because he wanted to focus his time on missionary work with the Ashaninka.

Ashaninka Work

Since 2012 Roric had been praying for a place to do missions among the Ashaninka people group, and to be involved little by little in establishing a local church deep in the jungle. God ordained that Roric should find this place in the village of Mayapo through American missionaries Scott Doherty and Joe Martinez in 2015. In the years to come Roric was able to go to other Ashaninka villages on the Tambo river, namely Ivotsote and Chembo. By the grace of God, Roric has been visiting these villages ever since, teaching and preaching the Word of God. Since 2019. Roric has systematically taught the people with the discipleship manual written by Paul Washer. He has also been able to supply the villages with used clothes in good condition, donated by his church in Pichanaki. 

In 2022 the Ashaninka village of Masaroveni invited Roric and Elvis to preach and teach the Scriptures. Later, another village of Materiato, which is 3 hours from Mazamari and 4-5 hours from Pichanaki invited them to preach. For this reason, Roric and Elvis want to translate the manual of biblical discipleship into the Ashaninka language


Elvis Shantiori Languima is a native Ashaninka who God has saved. He has prepared for missionary work at a Bible Institute. Elvis lives in San Cristobal, Mazamari. He is married to Cledia and has six children: Nadia, Blis, Eliuo, Brus, Yedy y Bania. He has visited and taught the gospel in all of the villages on the four great rivers: Perene, Ene, Tambo and Urubamba. (The Perene and Ene are notorious locations of the drug traffickers and ex-terrorists, who act as their army).

By the grace of God, despite the limitations of the Ashaninka language, God has been working. It is a slow process because the natives don’t study, meditate or read. The discipleship manual contains dynamic questions and answers from the Scripture, as well as systematic and biblical doctrines that will help correct their wrong understanding and affirm their faith.